Storme Warren Biography

Host of The Collection, Headline Country

Storme Warren

"If it's not fun, meaningful or enjoyable, don't do it."
--Storme Warren

This mission statement, which guides Storme Warren as a producer, writer and host of the television network Great American Country (GAC) entertainment news show Headline Country, seems also to resonate at the core of Warren's character, reflecting a passion that guides both his personal and professional paths.

Growing up in Tulsa, Okla., Warren's inherent passion for music was cultivated at an early age. First introduced to the sounds of Charlie Daniels by an older brother, it was the engaging, storytelling style of tunes like "Devil Went Down to Georgia," "Legend of Wooley Swamp" and "El Toreador" that drew Warren to country music. The charisma and musicianship of the genre deeply impacted Warren at age 10, when he witnessed his first country music concert featuring Roy Clark, Jim Stafford, Glenn Campbell and Tanya Tucker. While rock music held most of Warren's attention as an adolescent, country music had made its mark. Along with the most popular rock albums of the day, the soulful expressions of groups like .38 Special, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers Band were never far from Warren's turntable.

Warren's interest in music materialized into a vocational calling during a seventh grade class trip to KELi, Tulsa's top 40 radio station. For Warren, the station tour was a something like a revelation, and he began to spend all his free time at KELi, answering request lines and pulling music for the disc jockeys in return for free albums and concert tickets. His enthusiasm resonated with the station's program director, who offered 14-year-old Warren his very own weekend radio show.

After two years with KELi, Warren's family relocated to California, where he continued his radio career in tandem with classes at Buena High School in Ventura. Warren held down a part-time position at KCAQ top 40 radio, and later served as on-air talent for KCZN, a country music station that he credits with reconnecting him to his country roots.

Following high school, Warren enrolled at California State University Northridge, and in 1989 landed what he calls the most influential radio position of his career at KQLZ Pirate Radio in Los Angeles. The infamous glam-rock station known for its renegade tactics and infectious listener appeal changed the face of Los Angeles radio, and instilled in Warren a drive to craft a witty, original style to connect with audiences beyond the conventional. This conviction would translate seamlessly to Warren's future television work.

Drawn to launch a career in television through prior freelance experience with CNN during his college years, Warren joined CNN Los Angeles full-time as a cameraman in 1990. He quickly worked his way up the ranks, becoming segment producer and on-camera talent for the entertainment news show Showbiz Today in little over a year. Warren served at Showbiz Today until 1993, when a Los Angeles meeting and inspirational talk with his childhood idol, Charlie Daniels, convinced Warren to return to the country music scene, and pursue his dream of working for The Nashville Network (TNN) in Nashville, Tennessee.

Warren relocated to the country music capital later that year, and secured a position with Jim Owens & Associates, long-time producer of country music-related programming for TNN. He later discovered that Charlie Daniels had personally recommended him for the job. As segment producer and on-air reporter for TNN, Warren shared his love of country music for the first time with national audiences, contributing to much of the network's country news programming. Prior to the 2002 purging of all country-related offerings on TNN, Warren worked on such titles as TNN Country News, This Week in Country Music, Today's Country, Music City Tonight and Crook & Chase.

In 2002, Warren teamed with veteran country artist managers Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Hartley and distinguished Nashville television producer Greg Travis in a unified effort to bring country music news back to national television. Their collaboration, Different Drummer Productions, LLC, partnered with GAC for Country Music Across America, which premiered on the country music channel on November 4, 2003. Fittingly, Charlie Daniels served as launch party emcee, and Warren realized he'd come full circle, sharing his lifelong passion for country with the very artist who gave it its start.

Country Music Across America, remains the only entertainment news program dedicated solely to country music, delivering a weekly digest of artist profiles and country news worldwide. As on-air host, Warren most enjoys introducing emerging talent to the country music audience, and maintaining the show's fresh, personal appeal, which has resonated so well with its growing national and international fan bases.

Warren lives in Nashville with wife and television producer, Allison Warren, and their two sons, Jackson and Evan. In addition to his unremitting love of music, Warren is an avid outdoorsman and adventure-seeker. He is a certified scuba diver, an Eagle Scout and novice sky diver. A habitual fly-fisherman and amateur meteorologist, Warren also enjoys sharing his love of nature with his family on hiking outings and camping trips. In addition, Warren is an active steward in the Nashville community, serving as board member for the TJ Martel Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS research.