Lindsey Haun Biography


Lindsey Haun photo courtesy of Show Dog Records.

If there’s any truth to the notion that music and performing can be born in a person’s blood, Lindsey Haun proves it. The daughter of an accomplished professional musician and a dancer/choreographer, Lindsey is coming into her own as the star of a major motion picture and a budding recording artist. And she’s embracing each wholeheartedly.

"I’m completely dedicated to both," Haun explains. "If one demands my focus I will commit to it in that moment, but I will never let the other fall by the wayside. They really work together in allowing me to express myself."

The native Southern Californian has pursued both tracks from an astoundingly early age. Haun acted in her first commercial -- for IBM -- at the age of four. An agent who was a friend of her father’s (who was then lead guitarist for chart-topping rock band Air Supply) suggested a working relationship that could provide a few commercial spots per year. Lindsey’s talent, however, soon blossomed beyond those early expectations.

She spent the next 16 years working in commercials and other roles, studying with noted acting coaches Dawn Jeffory-Nelson (Seventh Heaven) and Sean Nelson from the time she was six years old. Her credits include appearances on the television shows Alias, Malcolm In The Middle and Third Rock From The Sun, among many others. She also starred in movies including Brave New Girl, written by Britney and Lynne Spears. Yet even as her acting career grew, another gift could not be denied: music.

"My dad and I used to play music together when I was little," she says. "We’ve got tapes of him playing keyboard while I’m making up melodies and lyrics." Lindsey began singing publicly at the age of seven, working with respected voice coach Terry Baker-Weiss. More than just a child singer, she began composing poetry and music at the age of 11 and formed a rock band at 15.

"Acting is such an escape for me," Lindsey says, defining the duality of her self expression. "It lets me get away from Lindsey Haun and live in a character’s world for a little while. People need those escapes. Music is my way of dealing with my problems and working through things while staying in my own skin."

Her twin talents made her an easy choice when Paramount began casting for Broken Bridges, in which she plays Dixie Delton, the 16-year-old daughter of a down-on-his-luck country music singer (played by Toby Keith) who has never met her.

Not only is Haun one of the film’s stars, she is a featured performer on the soundtrack, to be released August 29. She sings the album’s first single, "Broken," which will be released to country radio in September in conjunction with the film’s release in theaters. A music video for the track featuring Lindsey will debut on CMT on August 3.

Beyond that song and a duet with Keith on the soundtrack, Haun recently signed with Show Dog Nashville and is working on her debut album for the label.

"I’m influenced by everything and I like music that stretches boundaries, that isn’t complacent," she says. "Pushing the envelop like that is hard to do on a first album because you’re working so hard to make something cohesive. Hopefully it’s a jumping off point toward that long term career goal."

And the vehicle that brings her to that ultimate destination -- be it singing, writing, acting, performing or some other outlet -- is one and the same to Lindsey Haun.

"The purpose of art in general is to connect with people and give them the tools, the language, with which to work through their own humanity," she says. "If you do it right, it gives people support or allows them to pull themselves out of whatever they’re going through. I really want to touch people in that way."