Michelle Wright Biography

Michelle Wright photo by Rob Waymen, courtesy of Savannah Music, Inc.

It’s been 10 years since Michelle Wright delivered a full slate of country material and with the release of Everything And More one would have to agree that the return home is a welcome one. Does the return to sounds and signatures that brought this award-winning artist to the dance come as a surprise?

It shouldn’t. Artists who have worked for the kind of success that Michelle has enjoyed over the past two decades eventually come full circle.

With Everything And More the award-winning singer marries her immediately identifiable voice with an impressive collection of new material that mirrors so many of the changes in attitude and emotion that Michelle has experienced as new chapters of her life have been written.

Some songs are celebrations that come from first hand experiences, while others come from that place of insightful observation that has always worked so well for this Ontario-born artist who first established herself as a force back in the early ‘90s during her tenure with Arista Records Nashville.

Kicking off the album with a hard driving pulse, the title track "Everything And More" finds the singer’s questions answered with a sudden shot of faith and gratitude: she does, indeed, have everything and more.

On "Dance In The Boat," Michelle's powerhouse instrument is set above a sturdy southern rock pulse capped off by slicing shots of countrified fiddle. Michelle's voice embraces a traditional country sound on "I Don’t Want To Be That Strong." Conversely, the vocalist heads for the bright lights and rocks her way through "Riding Around the Sun."

"Love Me Anyway" finds Michelle tackling the sensitive issue of realizing conventional family life may not be in the cards for a 30-something couple. Sung in the first person, the song (like "He Would Be Sixteen" from earlier in her career) offers another example of Michelle being the first to address a subject that is both timely and topical.

A heartfelt combination of emotions and points of view, coupled with effective shifts in arrangements and tempos, make Everything And More a complete package that finds Michelle singing with conviction and passion, and, when called for, injecting the right amount of urgency or subtle shading.
It is the kind of album that should make for new additions to the list of 25 Top 10 hits she's already produced in her impressive career.

"Take It Like A Man," "Guitar Talk," "The Answer Is Yes," "Nobody’s Girl," "Your Love," and "I Surrender" are just a few of the songs that continue to make her live shows such spectacular events.
With the help of those chart-topping singles, Michelle's Canadian and American fans snapped up almost two million discs over the course of a decade and in turn she made many a walk to stages and podiums to accept honors at Juno, Academy of Country Music and Canadian Country Music Association awards shows.

Michelle's later years with Arista Nashville were marked by considerable experimentation as Michelle opted to stretch her musical wings. Her range broadened to incorporate gospel and adult contemporary influences. In the new millennium Michelle’s album offerings included Shut Up And Kiss Me (2002), with a title-track single that even garnered play on rock radio in Canada, and her most recent worldwide release on Savannah Music, A Wright Christmas (2007), destined to become a seasonal classic with its fresh and soulful combination of country-pop and light jazz stylings.