Mica Roberts Biography

Mica Roberts photo courtesy of Show Dog Nashville.

Join me on a journey to Locust Grove, Oklahoma population 1400. Locust Grove is about 50 miles east of Tulsa and it houses DJs. "I grew up in that hamburger joint, and it's still my favorite hamburger," Mica states with a smile. If you want to know singer/songwriter Mica Roberts, you are going to have to get to know Locust Grove. You have to close your eyes and envision hometown America.

When I asked Mica to help me know her Locust Grove she said, "It's full of real people with real jobs. They are hard workers. It is a small town and it is honest." When Mica speaks of Locust Grove, she smiles. She is transported to her family farm, the farm she still calls home.

The farm and this studio is where Mica's love for music flourished. In fact, music took precedence over everything. She participated in the school band, choir and related activities. "I took music classes at night at Tulsa Junior College during my junior and senior year in high school." And then, even with five prestigious music scholarships on the table, Mica hit the road.

"I bought a trailer and gypsied for four years before moving to Nashville. I worked amusement park shows, at campgrounds and on a cruise ship," Mica states. "And although I was always grateful for the scholarships I let pass, I never looked back and thought that I made a mistake."

When Mica arrived in Nashville she did everything she could to get a job. "I just wanted to stay there and support myself," Mica recalls. "I waited tables and sang in a local club called the Bull Pen Lounge." It was at the Bull Pen that Mica met a person who would greatly influence her music career.

But, we're not ready for that part of her story yet.