Beau Davidson Biography

Photo courtesy of Beau Davidson.

Memphis' legendary music scene has been home to many notable entertainers. The songs that emerged from Stax Records and Sun Studio from the 1950s through the 1970s are what defined the genuine "Memphis sound." But since then, Memphis has been comparatively quiet.

Born in Memphis and raised in the traditions of gospel music and those embodied by Elvis Presley, Al Green, and Otis Redding, Beau Davidson has written a repertoire of music reminiscent of the Memphis sound. Citing Elvis as a main source of inspiration, Beau was always fascinated by the musical boundaries Elvis transcended, with simultaneous hits on the country, R&B, and rock ‘n’ roll charts. "I just try to put a little Memphis muscle into country," Beau says.

It was in Memphis where Beau cut his musical teeth by appearing in the Mid-South Fair Youth Talent Competition, an amateur contest graced by Elvis, Justin Timberlake, and many others. Beau was able to find his niche as a singer in these early days.

"Growing up in Memphis, you can’t really escape the legendary musical status of the town," he says. "You have some pretty giant shoes to fill when you make the claim you’re a singer from Memphis, and you better be ready to deliver if someone puts you on the spot."

Beau then took his musical aspirations to new heights as he was accepted to Northwestern University’s prestigious School of Music in Chicago. "I was the guy who was supposed to be singing Puccini in the rehearsal rooms, but found myself playing the blues instead." Although he valued the technical training he received, Beau simply could not relinquish his Memphis roots.

Photo courtesy of Beau Davidson.

From Chicago he moved to Los Angeles, where he began writing a library of songs that captured the Memphis sound.

"I began to have this mindset that if I didn’t feel my music, neither would my listeners, and if certain emotions aren’t getting across, I’m not doing my job," he says. "I’ve always admired country songwriters, especially guys like Jeffrey Steele, who paint such vivid pictures and tell great stories in their songs."

Beau's debut single "More Than I Can Give" was the song that catapulted Beau’s career, the song and accompanying music video marking Beau’s introduction to the Nashville music scene. "’More Than I Can Give’ was a story that everyone could relate to, guys and girls alike. People had a tremendous vocal response to the song, and I knew that I had accomplished what I had intended."

Capitalizing on his debut song’s success, Beau complemented his album with other music that captures the Memphis spirit. Beau represents a new breed of artists that continues to push the boundaries, in much the same way Elvis did, while giving country music a fresh, unique sound that at its very core features pure blue-eyed soul and relatable stories.