Eric Durrance Biography

Eric Durrance photo courtesy of Wind-up Records.

A self-described hard working, Southern Baptist, Eric Durrance is a multi-talented, self-taught musician and soulful vocalist with moxie. The Tallahassee native (who divides his time between his farm in Florida and Nashville) is a well-rounded singer/songwriter who attributes his personal character and allure toward country music to his family and southern upbringing.

"I learned to play a little bit of everything. My stepfather was a drummer, guitarist, piano player and one heck of a singer, and my mom and grandfather taught me to sing harmony," Eric introduces. "My grandparents, who have been married for 53 years, are my ‘oak tree;’ they’re strong and faithful individuals who taught me to be honest and follow my heart and they just love George Jones! So, I’m at home in Country."

Having gravitated toward the harmonious sound of The Eagles and the group’s song craftsmanship, Eric developed a genuine admiration and respect for some of country music’s legendary tunesmiths--Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, to name a few. Eric identifies with the simplicity of the songs written by these voices of country.

"I write music that comes from my heart. I like to write music that puts body and soul out there and has a magical way of saying what everyone feels. I like to be real and I believe a good, honest song is the key to an artist’s success."

A modern-day musical Romeo, Eric has an edge that guys can appreciate and a voice and lyrics that make gals wax and wane. With his boyish charm and a subtle honey-coated twang, Eric achieves just the right balance of rebellion and southern gentility. He reveals a country refinement as he shares honest messages of love, loss, hope and inspiration. His passionate delivery is a throwback to a sweeter time when country music was "simply" a musical story.

Eric brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. From the touching ballad "Angels Fly Away," and the piano-laced progression of "Life Is Hard," to the driving rhythm and today’s day-in-age lyrics of "Turn It Off," Eric’s music will stir emotions in one moment and inspire rhapsody the next.