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Katie Armiger photo courtesy of Cold River Records.

"Insanity" is a coming of age song with a touch of rebellion. "It's a song about making your own mistakes along the way," said Katie. "It's about being a teenager and doing certain things on your own terms. It's something that I'm sure all teenagers can relate to - the balance between realizing a parent's love and the frustration of having your parents gunning for you when you do something wrong. I appreciate all that they do for me, but as the song says, 'It's my good, it's my bad, it's my turn to make mistakes'."

The inspiring "Hard Road" was written by both Katie and her producer Mark Oliverius. "It's a song about choices and temptations," explains Katie. "It explores the question of whether to take the easy way or to believe in yourself by taking a potentially harder road on the path towards achieving what it is that you might want. It's like the journey that I'm on now – it's definitely not an easy path to take, but I have faith in myself."

It is the three tracks, "Now You Do," "Just Can't Say Goodbye," and "Make Me Believe" that will have listeners in awe of what is possible from this 16-year-old newcomer; poignant lyrics and a voice that is well beyond her years. "Now You Do" is essentially the must-have break-up song," says Katie. "Just Can't Say Goodbye" was written in memory of her biggest fan – her grandfather. "Everyone has experienced loss in their lives," said Katie. "But this song in particular is about never having had the chance to say goodbye." "'Make Me Believe' is my 'chick empowerment' song," says Katie. "It is all about standing up and saying I cannot be your everything, so if this is not going to work out then you need to leave. It is a powerful song and I hope that is relayed to listeners." Taking on a reverse perspective than the usual break-up song Katie and her co-writer Ashlee Hewitt, made it a song of strength where the woman finally tells the man that he needs to leave.

Born in Houston, Texas and now living in the small town of Sugar Land, Texas, Katie Armiger has grown up with a large, supportive family consisting of 4 parents, 2 brothers and 4 sisters. With a family of this size, Katie's time for herself is limited, but it has never stopped her from pursuing what is most important to her – her music. "Because I have so many brothers and sisters, it's always been a juggling act to get me to where I need to be for shows and recording sessions," said Katie. "But with the support of my parents and my brothers and sisters, I have never missed a show, a competition or a lesson. Plus I have a built in fan club wherever I perform."

According to her mother, Katie has been singing since before she could walk. She's still a sophomore at Austin High School with straight As, but she's a sophomore with a dream. She continues to perform at county fairs, rodeos, basically anywhere anyone listens – a formula that has worked for many a multi-platinum artist.

The self-titled debut album from Katie Armiger heralds the arrival of a distinctive vocal talent with an unforgettable array of powerful and brilliant songs. Drawing musical inspiration from some of country music's greats like Dolly Parton, Wynonna, Martina McBride and Sara Evans, this 16 year old is passionate about her music, focused on her future, and exudes the talent that's needed to become a household name.