Amy Grant Biography

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Amy Grant photo courtesy of Sparrow Records.

Life's Hardest Stretch

Three years later, life became very different for Amy Grant. Her 15th album, BEHIND THE EYES, released to critical acclaim, but lacked the upbeat quality of previous releases. Fans noticed and critics noted the "darker side" of Amy Grant and her music and soon the news of an impending divorce brought context to the brooding lyrics and music. The album very much showcased the natural ease with which Amy always poured her life into her songs, but for many the news of her divorce superseded any artistic catharses and led to rumors, speculations and chastisements. Amy weathered the storm, taking time to sort through the changes and recharge her family and musical callings. Amy did not enter the studio or hit the road again for two years.

Becoming a Holiday Tradition

They say the third time's the charm, but for Amy Grant, the release of her third collection of Christmas music, CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER, in 1999 was really just the continuation of an already grand tradition. Amy first stepped into the seasonal spotlight back in 1983 with the release of A Christmas album, a holiday offering that birthed her now classic and signature song, "TENNESSEE CHRISTMAS." Seven years later, Amy did it again with HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, a Yuletide ride that put another classic into everyone's holiday repertoire: the haunting and elegant "Breath of Heaven." Back in 1993, with two holiday albums under her belt, it seemed only natural to take the magic on stage. That year Amy, together with her hometown Nashville Symphony, started what became an annual tradition--Amy Grant's TENNESSEE CHRISTMAS--a live concert event filled with music, nostalgia, friends and the spirit of the season. To date, the annual tour has raised millions for many of the countless charities Amy supports.

It was also in 1999 that Amy tapped into her other talents and took a turn at television. She not only hosted her own prime-time network television Christmas special, Christmas to Remember, but she starred in the made-for-TV movie, A Song from the Heart. In the movie Amy played a blind music teacher searching for and finding love and meaning. In her own life, Amy did the same. In March of 2000 Amy Grant married Vince Gill, and a year later the family grew with the welcome addition of daughter Corrina Grant Gill.