Indian Rodeo Biography

When you think of Indian Rodeo, you can just go ahead and think, "do it yourself"!

Every song is solely written, produced and recorded by singer/guitar player Josh Newcom including the new 15 song cd titled 1. Josh also directed, shot, and edited the video for Indian Rodeo's new song "Thats What Happens" under his Warpaint Entertainment imprint. Being a photographer it was only fitting for Josh's wife Kristie Ann to shoot all of Josh's performances while their daughters Dove and Sky showed off their dance moves in the video.

Taking a different approach to marketing, Josh puts all Indian Rodeo songs on his site as FREE downloads. "Being the sole songwriter of all my songs, I just want everyone to hear them! And since I also record the songs myself in my studio, the cost is low so I can somewhat afford to give them away. And I think that really helps build a loyal fan base that will stick by you." says Josh.

Indian Rodeo is a band made for live shows! Sometimes aggressive, rowdy and in your face and others it's just pop a top, grab your partner, good ole country music. Indian Rodeo has opened shows for great artists like Randy Rogers Band, Luke Bryan, Jason Boland, Colt Ford, Billy Currington, and even the great Don Williams to name a few. "I think highly of bands like Jason Boland, Randy Rogers, and Colt Ford who rely heavily and somewhat mainly on their live shows to broaden their success." says Josh.

"That’s What Happens" is the second video to be independently released nationally by Indian Rodeo. The first being their song "Radio." "I love video!" says Josh "It's like how I do the recordings. Since I direct, and edit myself, I'm gonna try and shoot a video for every song! Video just brings a whole new meaning to the audio and is just as important to me on some songs."

So with new songs and videos coming from Indian Rodeo every few weeks. And the hunger to show them off in front of live audiences everywhere. I don't think Indian Rodeo or Warpaint Entertainment will be going away anytime soon.