Tim Foust Biography

Tim Foust photo courtesy of Cheryl J. Kagan Public Relations.

Tim Foust was born in Lubbock, Texas. He had penchant for songwriting and singing at an early age. In high school he performed and studied classical music extensively. Although Tim studied at Lamar University for a couple of years, his inner musician took over. Tim left school and joined up with an a cappella group out of Minneapolis, Minnesota called Blue Jupiter.

Blue Jupiter toured hundreds of venues across the US. During that tour, the group released its album, "Ear Candy," to critical acclaim. This album included Tim’s first recorded original song. Tim left Blue Jupiter to join Boston-based group "Ball In The House." As a member of the group, Tim performed over 250 shows per year, recorded with diamond producer Tim Coons, shared the stage with many stars such as Gladys Knight and Kenny Loggins, and was a featured vocalist on the popular Cool Whip jingle for Kraft’s national television and radio campaign. Tim can be heard on the Ball in the House EP, "Think About It," as well as their full-length album "Granite Ave," both of which feature several of his arrangements and original compositions.

Tim now makes his home in Orange County, California, where he is a featured solo artist at Flying Pig Productions. We’re pretty sure he’s the only piano-playing country star with a 5-octave range! He recently released his debut album "The Best That I Could Do" which is available on iTunes in full Max Sound HD Audio. During this project, Tim collaborated with many talented writers including the Grammy-nominated Randy Sharp who is responsible for a slew of #1 hits. Fans are sure to enjoy the beautiful and well-written lyrics and music as well as Tim’s signature wit.