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Jack Ingram - Big Dreams & High Hopes

Big Dreams & High Hopes
The title track of Jack Ingram's new album, Big Dreams & High Hopes , recalls the dreams of a Houston kid who envisioned a life onstage from the time he first played a guitar. And because Jack sees so many aspiring musicians on the road at his shows, it's become a priority for him to reach out. Whether you play an instrument or not, I want people to listen to my music, get that release, and walk away with the resolve to continue pursuing whatever goals they may have."

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  1. Free
  2. Barefoot And Crazy
  3. That's A Man
  4. Seeing Stars
  5. Not Giving Up On Me
  6. Barbie Doll
  1. Big Dreams & High Hopes
  2. Heartache
  3. Man In Your Life
  4. King Of Wasted Time
  5. The Corner


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