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Live Across America
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Josh Turner photo by George Holz, courtesy of Essential Broadcast Media.

One of those blessings is onstage with Josh at every performance and heard throughout Live Across America: his wife and keyboard player Jennifer, whom Josh honors with a rendition of "I Wouldn’t Be a Man" during their Savannah concert.

"It feels like a song for Jennifer every time I sing it," he shares. "She’s in soundcheck with me, on the bus with me, and up there with me every night. And now she’s on this album with me. With three boys at home, who knows how long we’ll be able to tour together, but right now, we’re eating it up."

In addition to the in-concert performances, Josh Turner—Live Across America also includes a trio of stripped-down acoustic numbers—"So Not My Baby," "Me and God," as well as his never-before-released version of Waylon Jennings’ "America." "They’re songs we don’t normally do in concert, but for this project, we wanted to include something extra special," says Josh.

It’s the inclusion of Waylon’s "America" that sums up the album. In search of a patriotic song to represent his musical journey, Josh turned again to his influences. "I wanted to have a song that spoke to the concept of America and the freedom of being able to play songs across the country. Waylon came to mind and I thought ‘America’ perfectly expressed that sentiment. Waylon was a hero of mine and I’ve always loved his belief in our country and what’s right.
I share those beliefs with him and was honored to put one of his songs on this record," Josh explains.

Josh is on his way to becoming one of the legends he himself was inspired by. With his smooth, steady voice, an exceptional band behind him, and a catalogue of hit songs, the CMA, ACM and GRAMMY-nominated singer has evolved into one of country music’s most engaging performers. And Josh Turner—Live Across America is testament to that, a time capsule of an artist realizing his musical dream.

"When I was 13 years old, I sang my first country song in front of a crowd. The response I got that day created a feeling in me that I never felt before," Josh says. "I knew from that moment on that I wanted to be a country singer."