Kate & Kacey Biography

Kate & Kacey photo by Jarrad Lister, courtesy of Big Machine Records.

If there's a point where country music's best traditions intersect with its future, it may very well be in the music of Kate and Kacey Coppola. Family harmony has always been an integral part of country music and with one listen, it's obvious the twins have that special vocal magic that runs in the blood. That sibling synergy combined with enviable songwriting chops and an abundance of personality point to a bright future.

"Musically, we always say we're a mix between the Dixie Chicks and Brooks and Dunn. We're Dixie Dunn or Brooks and Chicks, either one," says Kate as both sisters dissolve in laughter.

Prior to inking a deal with Big Machine Records, Kate and Kacey gained notice on Music Row for their songwriting skills. Signed to EMI Music Publishing, the twosome has already obtained every songwriter's dream---a George Strait cut. "House with No Doors," which the twins co-wrote with Jamey Johnson, is on Strait's current album "Troubadour."

"We've been dreaming about being able to sing together and build a life around music since we were little girls," says Kate, born nine minutes before Kacey, "but actually getting the chance to do it, is a hundred times bigger and better than we could have ever imagined."

The twins were born in Des Moines, Iowa, but spent most of their childhood in Denver. "We come from a huge Italian family where there was pasta every Sunday and we were listening to the Rat Pack constantly," says Kacey.

The sisters grew up surrounded by music and cite a variety of influences including The Everly Brothers, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, The Eagles, Martina McBride and the sounds of Motown. "I think having a diverse musical love has allowed us to explore every sense of who we can be," says Kate. "In terms of the great torch singers-- Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin--that gave us a sense of how to sell a song. They sing a song differently and make it their own. Then songwriters like Patty Griffin, Bob Dylan, and Mark Cohn have shown us how to write a great song that comes completely from the heart. Then there are groups like Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, and Alabama, which have that great harmony and the Everly Brothers have that family harmony. We love it all!"