Kellie Pickler Kellie Pickler’s life has played out like a classic country song. From her hardscrabble, small town roots to center stage on American Idol... Read more »

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Kellie Pickler- The Woman I am

The Woman I Am
Pairing acoustic/electric guitars with a healthy dose of fiddle and pedal steel, Kellie seizes the reins on The Woman I Am to show that a strong traditional foundation was not some sort of passing fancy. Songs like the worldly lead single “Someone Somewhere Tonight” and sexy struttin’ “Buzzin’” relish in hardline country concepts that include ¾-time, box top dobro pickin’ and intricate tempo shifts. With a smooth Carolina drawl, Kellie delivers line after line on The Woman I Am with palpable feeling and rich emotion.
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Kellie Pickler- 100 Proof

100 Proof
Kellie Pickler's third album, 100 Proof is in stores now. "I'm just happy to be making country music," said Pickler. "I hope everyone enjoys the new music as much as I've enjoyed making it!" The album-opener "Where’s Tammy Wynette" sets the tone of 100 Proof with its raw and un-conventional sound. Pickler co-wrote 6 of the 11 songs on 100 Proof.
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