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Up All Night
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Kip Moore's 2012 CD, Up All Night. Photo courtesy of UMG Nashville.

4. "Everything But You"
(Kip Moore and Trent Summar)

"I lived in Hawaii for awhile and I lived on the East Coast before that. I got the idea for ‘Everything But You’ when I was living in Hawaii. My best buddy, P.J. Brown, and I would camp out at waterfalls and these amazing beaches and be the only ones there. I would think to myself how when you were there as long as we were that it was almost a sad thing. You were in these amazing spots , but no matter how beautiful it is around you, unless you’ve got people with you that you care about, it amounts to nothing. It was a lonely kind of feeling. I have bounced around a lot since I was 17 and I’ve been in some cool places, but I’ve been on my own a lot. I like it like that, but again, it can become a lonely thing if you don’t have people you care about around you. We were created to share those things with people."

5. "Crazy One More Time"
(Kip Moore, Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey)

"‘Crazy One More Time’ is a special song for me. I’d had that guitar riff for a long, long time. The music always felt very special to me; it felt happy, sad and emotional. The music in that song is the most dynamic for me on the entire album and has the most feelings in one song for me. I can get really happy listening to it. It has this melodic thing that makes you feel good, yet it tugs at your heart at the same time.

"I am not married and nowhere close to it, but even for those who marry, there are those memories of that one person. I had known somebody in college and we had always had a thing for each other. I went years without seeing her and then the second we saw each other again, we didn’t miss a beat. We were right back in that place, that moment. It might always be that way, even if you have moved on and are with somebody else. Sometimes there’s a certain special connection you have with people. I don’t think it ever dies, when it’s a real thing. Sometimes souls are intertwined. It doesn’t mean that you are meant to be together, but I don’t think it ever dies."

6. "Where You Are Tonight"
(Kip Moore, Blair Daly and Troy Verges)

"I have been so focused on what I’ve been trying to do for so long that I’ve pushed a lot of good things away from me. I know a lot of good people have tried to get into my life, but I’ve kept the door shut because it’s easier for me to focus on what I’m trying to do. I had done that in particular in this case. For me, that song sprung about by questioning yourself on whether or not all of it is worth it and whether I’m going about it the right way--shutting people out and doing this all on my own. It was one of those cases where we quit talking and your mind is dominated by the fact that you let a good thing go. There’s a distance between the two of you. Is that gap too far to bandage up? Is there any bridge between the gap? This song is an inner battle of trying to let go of something."

7. "Hey Pretty Girl"
(Kip Moore and Dan Couch)

"‘Hey Pretty Girl’ for me is where I think every man and woman desires to be at some point in their life. I am not there and I don’t really desire to be there now. I have other things to get out of my system and a lot of road ahead of me and I need to be focused on just that. But I’m not going to fool myself. At some point you are going to desire to have that person that knows you inside out and cares about you.

"I tried to paint the best picture of what that really was. You want someone that you’re going to want to take home and show your friends and family. The reference to planting roots in the apple trees is a metaphor for planting roots together. It’s all about starting a life together. At some point, I’m gonna want kids and I tried to draw on that and what I wanted that to be like. I’m not there right now, but there will come a time for that. Everybody at some point wants to feel that special thing for somebody else and wants to have it reciprocated."