Lauren Alaina Biography

Lauren Alaina photo by Brian Bowen Smith, courtesy of UMG Nashville.

Lauren Alaina’s debut album, Wildflower, is a vibrant bouquet of compelling stories, powerful emotions and soaring vocals that is as irresistible and delightful as Lauren herself.

Lauren captured America’s heart when she appeared on American Idol earlier this year and revealed her enthusiasm, humor and warmth, as well as a commanding voice with an impressive range that has been compared to the genre’s premier vocalists, including Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride. She helped make the show one of the most popular yet. A record-breaking 122.4 million votes were cast for the finale, which garnered 29.3 million viewers, as well as 38.6 million who tuned in to see the winner’s name announced. She signed her record deal shortly thereafter and began recording her debut album with producer Byron Gallimore.

The result is a fitting musical portrait of the 16 year old’s personality, optimism and life experiences. There’s sauce and sentimentality, as well as an unwavering hope for the future and a belief in true love. "Wildflower is the perfect name for my first album," she says. "I would consider myself a wildflower because wildflowers are sweet, but then they have a little bit of spunk to them – they are ‘wildflowers,’" she says. "I like to have a lot of fun and I’m really sassy.

"I tried to get songs that were all different so everyone would have a part that they liked because people are different," she says. "I tried to make it so that it would please everyone. It’s just me; that is what the album is: it’s Lauren Alaina. That is the common thread."

Lauren’s inimitable spirit is showcased in "Georgia Peaches," a fun celebration of Southern girls that proclaims, "Love to dance and we love to flirt, ain’t afraid of a little dirt." Lauren says, "I am a Georgia peach. Even if you aren’t from Georgia, you can appreciate it because it’s the type of song that will get you up off of your feet and dancing."

Lauren co-wrote "Funny Thing About Love" with Brett James and Luke Laird after discussing her own romantic experiences with them. "I feel like it turned out really great and I’m excited to see how people will respond to my own style of writing, as well as my style of music, period. It’s about when you like someone and they don’t like you, and when you don’t like them anymore, they like you. Timing is everything. When you are young, it never really works out. You are always on a different page."

"Growing Her Wings" explores the coming-of-age quest for independence through the tale of a teenage girl who reads Cosmopolitan magazine, against her mother’s wishes, after she’s grounded for kissing the boy next door. "She’s growing her wings behind closed doors and she’s ready to fly away," Lauren says. "I felt like that is who I was six months ago and I’ve formed my wings and I’m flying."

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