Meet "The Next GAC Star" Finalist One Night Rodeo

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One Night Rodeo is a finalist in the 2008 Next GAC Star competition. Visit the Next GAC Star page for more information about the competition and show times.

Favorite actor:
Duane - Will Farrell
Mike - Mel Gibson
Cory - Jackie Gleason
Jack - Will Farrell

Favorite actress:
Duane - Drew Barrymore
Mike - Jessica Alba
Cory - Elizabeth Hurley
Jack - Scarlett Johansen

Favorite music website:
Duane -
Mike -
Cory -
Jack -

Favorite music magazine:
Duane - Country Weekly
Mike - Modern Drummer
Cory -
Jack - Guitar World

Favorite hobby:
Duane - Racing Swampbuggies
Mike - Working out
Cory - Golf
Jack - Playing guitar

Favorite food:
Duane - Steak and mashed potatoes
Mike - Thai
Cory - Sushi
Jack - Sushi

Country music crush:
Duane - Shania Twain
Mike - Sara Evans
Cory - Patty Loveless
Jack - hmmmm?

Person with whom you'd most like to have a meaningful conversation:
Duane - Merle Haggard
Mike - My Father who passed away
Cory - Elvis or Johnny Cash
Jack - Brent Mason

What would you discuss with that person?
Duane - His experiences and his music.
Mike - What would his advice and direction be for my life.
Cory - Their stage presence.
Jack - Recording and guitar playing.

Last book you read:
Duane - I can't remember.
Mike - The Secret
Cory - Golf Digest ( I know it's a magazine!)
Jack -

Dream vacation:
Duane - Alaska
Mike - Egypt or Greece
Cory - Italy
Jack - A week in Vegas with plenty of cash!

Key to happiness:
Duane - Being successful
Mike - A clear conscience
Cory - A happy home
Jack - Don't sweat the small stuff

Biggest misconception about you:
Duane - That I am mean.
Mike - That I am unapproachable.
Cory - That I'm hard to talk to.
Jack - Hopefully none, what you see is what you get.

Most embarrassing moment:
Duane - Realizing I dedicated a song to a couple that wasn't actually married to each other and announced it.
Mike - Walking across stage and tripping on microphone cords.
Cory - Falling of the drums at Kelly's Saloon.
Jack - Collapsing a drum set at a gig.

What do you value most in your friends?
Duane - Loyalty, truth, honesty and committment
Mike - To be honest and genuine
Cory - Honesty
Jack - Honesty and loyalty

Why do you want to win the title, "The Next GAC Star"?
Duane - I feel like we have paid our dues and we are so ready for it. It has been a long time coming for us.
Mike - It has always been my dream to have a successful music career. Being the Next GAC Star would be a partial fulfillment of that dream.
Cory - We have put in our dues and have never been more ready.
Jack - We would like to have a chance at the next step.