Sarah Darling Biography

Sarah Darling photo courtesy of Marquee Public Relations.

The 5 foot 8 blonde in the blue sundress, sparkly Gladiator sandals and straw fedora doesn’t look a bit like Kenny Chesney or Jimmy Buffett.

But Sarah Darling, the Iowa farm girl who spent her waitress’ earnings to pursue Nashville dreams, references those men and their alcohol and sunshine, summer party tunes when discussing “Little Umbrellas,” her Memorial Day Weekend release.

“It’s Kenny Chesney like or Jimmy Buffett like a bunch,” she says, bright blue eyes sparkling, of the playful tale she hopes will become a part of the soundtrack of summer 2013. Pure and simple, “Little Umbrellas” is a summer song she hopes will dance from radios and iPods at beaches and beer bashes. It counters the testosterone of those “guy songs” with estrogen and alcohol fueled female fantasy.

“It’s a fun song about you and your girlfriends getting together. Your guys have ticked you off and you go away from home and drink umbrella drinks. We’re killing a lot of ‘Little Umbrellas.’”

The tune about women getting a little toasted and flirting with cabana men and the like is much more lighthearted than her romantic “Home to Me,” which has been downloaded more than 125,000 times. And it doesn’t carry the weight of “Blackbird,” which she sang on “Let Us In Nashville” a Sir Paul McCartney approved collection of country fried Beatles tunes to raise funds for breast cancer research. “That’s my favorite Beatles song,” she says of her contribution to the album whose cover is a portrait of breast cancer victim Linda McCartney.

“Little Umbrellas,” while light and sexy, has career serious professional purpose.

“I’m in between labels right now,” Sarah says. “ So this song is a marketing vehicle for this phase I’m in of finding a label partner that believes in my music and the way I’m doing things. We’re going to promote it in a non-??traditional fashion with the help of Sirius XM, Sony RED Distribution, Aristomedia and other key promotional partners, so it will be exciting to see where the journey takes us. I believe In order to do amazing things you have to take risks!”

She’s won hearts and fans with her past releases with Black River Entertainment– Every Monday Morning, Angels & Devils and the Home to Me EP – but Sarah is seeking much more for her future albums: “I want to make an album that truly defines me. I haven’t done that yet.”