Trick Pony Biography


Trick Pony photo courtesy of Curb Records.

Grab your cowboy hat and enjoy a wild adrenalin rush of honky tonkin’, over-the-top, energetic, vocals from the trio who’s bucked the country music scene with their barroom-rockin’ sound. Trick Pony, consisting of Keith Burns (guitar, vocals,) Ira Dean (Bass, vocals,) and new lead singer, Aubrey Collins, has exploded musical boundaries once again with their newly formed trio.

Trick Pony keeps on kickin’ with no plans to miss one unconventional beat.

With the addition of multi-talented, Aubrey Collins, the Ponies have some new tricks up their sleeve that promises to leave audiences begging for more.

Known as America’s most hard working, orneriest, honky-tonk band, Trick Pony has been steadily at work in the studio cutting eight sides with new lead singer Aubrey.

"We bleed Trick Pony," says Keith. "Our overall sound is still the same high energy--maybe even a little bit more."

Back in 2000, Trick Pony exploded right out of the starting gate and set the stage for their raucous country-rock music with their highly acclaimed and platinum selling self-titled CD. Huge hits like the self-penned "Pour Me," "On A Night Like This," and the Grammy nominated "Just What I Do," Trick Pony established themselves as a brand new force in country music. The trio won both the American Music Awards’ "Top New Artist" and the Country Music Association’s "Artist of the Year". The second CD, On A Mission, brought five more Academy of Country Music nominations including "Album of the Year" and "Vocal Group of the Year".

In May 2004, Trick Pony found a new home at Curb Records thanks to Mike Curb’s enthusiasm for the band. "Mike believes in our music as strongly as we do," Ira insists. "We’d been standing by our guns on our music for a while, so it was great to have somebody there beside us at last."

With record sales and awards stacked up, the Ponies have burned down the freeway, kicking up their heels and establishing themselves as one of the top touring acts on the road. Now with the rowdy, fun loving, infectious and rockin’ starlet on vocals, Trick Pony will continue to belt out their hits and rock their fans across the country.

Look out?the Ponies are coming!