"Ticks" Made Brad Paisley Nervous


Brad Paisley on the red carpet at "The 40th Annual CMA Awards" in Nashville, November 6, 2006.
Photo courtesy of the Country Music Association Photo courtesy of the Country Music Association

April 16, 2007 — Brad Paisley admits turning in his current single, "Ticks," to the head of his record label made him more nervous than he's ever been about a song selection.

When it came time to let Joe Galante hear the track, Brad tells Dial-Global he was in California with his wife, Kimberly. That meant his manager, Bill, got the honor of seeing Joe's first reaction and passing the news on to Brad, who was left in suspense, waiting for a phone call.

"I told Kelly, my co-writer, 'If he loves this, I'm gonna think he's crazy.' Brad says. "And then I said, 'But if he hates this, I'm gonna think he's crazy.' And he said, 'Well, what do you think?' And I said, 'I don't have any idea. I don't know what he's gonna say. I think he's gonna look at us and go 'Y'all are out of your minds. You're crazy. You wanna put this out?' So, anyway, Bill was there. According to him, he played it and Joe shouted an expletive, jumped in the air and when it got to the hook he just lost it and laughed and said 'I think that's a smash.' He said, 'That's great. Let's do it.'"

The risk seems to be paying off for Brad. "Ticks" is already in the Top 15 on the charts and continues to climb.