CJaye LeRose Biography

CJaye LeRose photo courtesy of Absolute Publicity.

Each artist's path from obscurity to notoriety is different. Most travel some form of the traditional track through record label, radio and national tour. Others take a short cut through a national television platform. And a few adventurous and driven souls, like CJaye LeRose, have forged their way through the internet jungle, taking a grassroots approach to building a career, sharing their music directly with anyone who would listen, and building fans one by one along the way.

YouTube may have been the internet entry ramp for CJaye's music, but it was by no means the only vehicle. She also boasts impressive numbers of Twitter followers and Facebook fans, surpassing the levels of many artists signed to major labels in Nashville. Growing up in a north Houston suburb with her parents, and younger sister and brother, CJaye came by her love of country music honestly. "No one in my family played an instrument or sang, but my mom loved country music, and we watched the video channels constantly. I was obsessed with Shania Twain and Deana Carter, and I honestly believed that George Strait was the same ‘George from Texas' who called 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home!" confesses the southern-twanged songstress."

Although the dream of a music career took root in those early years, it wasn't until she was a freshman at Texas Tech University that she wrote her first song, "Date with the Tub," a tongue-in-cheek reminder to men everywhere that they need to pay attention to the women in their lives. This song is indicative of CJaye's songwriting style – real-life subject matter wrapped in wit and charm. In "The Porch," the lead track from her debut CD due out early second quarter, the singer, with a generous wink and nod, offers her beau the man-time he wants by suggesting that he spend a "night out with the big, bright stars" ?on the porch. "I love my man, I swear!" laughs the girl-next-door with the model good looks. "But what woman hasn't wanted to hide the remote on occasion?!"

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With an endearing sense of humor and can-do attitude, it's no wonder that her online following quickly grew, and soon caught the attention of those in the Houston music scene. A local independent artist development executive introduced the young singer to influential Austin producer Dwight Baker who recognized her raw potential and agreed to produce ten tracks for her debut CD. "CJaye is so talented. It was a great experience going in the studio with her. It seemed like the natural progression for this artist. She is just waiting to happen," said Baker who has worked with such diverse artists as Heart, Kelly Clarkson, Enrique Iglesias and Bleu Edmondson.

CJaye LeRose photo courtesy of Absolute Publicity.

Early this year, CJaye took a leap of faith and relocated to Nashville. Since arriving on the scene, she has been spending her time writing with noted Nashville songwriters, including Roxie Dean ("When I Think About Angels" by Jamie O'Neal) and Bonnie Baker ("Ordinary Life" by Chad Brock), as well as performing at local songwriter night venues. "This is where I belong! I absolutely love Nashville, and I'm here to stay!" proclaims LeRose. She recently went into the studio with up and coming Nashville producer Brandon Hood to cut three additional songs for her debut CD. "When I got here, I started hearing all of these incredible songs at songwriter's nights," states CJaye. "I am such a fan of songwriters, and I knew immediately that I wanted to include some of those songs on my CD."

While CJaye's career-passion is music, her cause-passion is promoting pet adoption. "I actually started my You Tube Channel to get out the ‘adopt your dogs' message," saysLeRose. "I've written a song called ‘Mutt In a Cage' that I hope will encourage people to adopt their pets, and we're currently trying to find the right pet-centered partner organization. My goal is to have all of the proceeds from the sale of this song go toward promoting pet adoption and helping defray the cost of spaying and neutering pets."

With the traditional music business model in a state of transition, it is inevitable that many artists will seek alternative avenues for sharing music and engaging fans. Considering CJaye's remarkable internet journey thus far, she appears to have chosen the right path. To keep up with CJaye's musical adventures, visit www.cjayelerose.com and sign up to receive email updates.