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Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

We've prepared a list of answers to your most frequently asked questions to help you navigate and learn more about our television programming and website!

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How do I find video air times for my favorite artists/videos?
Use the search tool in the header of our website by typing in the artist's name, song title, or keyword. Results will vary depending on whether the artist currently has videos airing on GAC. If your results come back with no air dates and times, double check your spelling and try again, or try again at a later date as videos do show up at different times throughout the year.

How may I request videos I'd like to see on GAC?
Please visit our ON TV page and submit your video request to our GAC video mailbox. You can also vote for favorite videos for GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown!

I am having problems viewing the videos on
Please consult the "Video Tips" page for ideas on how to improve your viewing experience.
Click here.,

How do I search for information about daily shows, celebrity guests, and specials coming up on GAC?
Use our programming schedule to browse dates, times and detailed episode information for all programming on GAC. You can also go directly to your favorite show(s), below:

I know that shows at The Grand Ole Opry are LIVE every Saturday night, but I saw a repeat broadcast on GAC recently. Can you explain the schedule?
It's true that Grand Ole Opry is a LIVE stage show (and radio broadcast) every Saturday night in Nashville, TN but the Opry does not broadcast a LIVE television show every weekend on GAC at present. On Saturday nights when a LIVE broadcast is not planned, the Opry chooses a recently aired show for GAC viewers. Typically, a LIVE Opry show airs every other week at this time (schedule subject to change).

Does GAC offer a newsletter?
Yes, you can sign up for our free e-mail newsletter which includes detailed information about GAC programs, events, sweepstakes and artists featured at our site.

How do I contact GAC hosts?
Many of our hosts do offer contact links at their official websites or e-mail links on their GAC show pages at our website. GAC does not release the addresses or phone numbers of our hosts.

How is the Top 20 Country Countdown on GAC decided each week?
Fans can vote for up to 5 of their favorite videos one (1) time per day and per IP (Internet Protocol) address (i.e., once per computer or other electronic device capable of accessing the Internet).. For example, if you place your votes at 8pm tonight, then you can place another set of votes after Midnight ET. Voting runs from 10am ET on Monday and runs for one week, ending at 10am ET the following Monday. Votes are then tabulated and the Top 20 Country Countdown show is recorded. A new Top 20 show premieres every Friday night at 8pm ET. View results and vote now!

Why did one of my favorite videos suddenly drop of the Top 20 voting ballot?
Each week GAC offers fans a total of 45 videos to vote on for the Top 20. GAC receives several new videos every week. In order to keep the list of videos fresh and up to date each week, we have to drop some of the older videos from the ballot. This decision is based primarily on how long the video has been on the ballot and not on how popular the video may or may not be at the time. Our goal is to keep a fresh and diverse mix of videos available for fans to vote on throughout the year! View results and vote now!

How can I get GAC in my area?
Thank you for your interest in GAC! We have a special feature that allows you to search your area for network availability. Click on the following link to search in your area - Get GAC! Also, you may visit your cable company's website & send an e-mail and or call them to request GAC. Regretfully, transmission is no longer available via C-Band. GAC is offered on Ch. 165 on DISH Network and on Ch. 326 on DIRECTV.

Why do you change your programming schedule?
GAC refreshes its schedule with new programs throughout the year. In addition, some shows are moved to different time periods to achieve a better combination of programs. Much consideration is given to viewer convenience and interests before changes are made, to please the largest number of viewers possible. Check our programming schedule to keep up-to-date on when all GAC daily shows and specials air and get episode details.

Why aren't GAC schedules in my local television guide?
Local newspaper editors determine which networks to list in their weekly television schedules. GAC does not have the authority to demand that newspapers include our network in their lineups, but we are working hard to encourage them to include GAC. If your local newspaper does not include GAC, write or call the editors of the newspaper to voice your request. Please also consider our website to be your guide to GAC programming. Visit our online schedule for the most up to date details and times!

What should I do if there is a problem with the picture or audio quality on GAC?
GAC is a nationally distributed television network, monitored 24 hours daily. If a problem occurs at GAC's broadcast facility, it's typically brief and quickly corrected. So, first check to see if other cable channels are experiencing difficulty; there may be a problem with cable service to your home or to your neighborhood. If only GAC's sound or picture is affected, your cable company's engineering team will want to check their equipment and make necessary adjustments to correct their GAC signal.

Are all GAC programs closed-captioned?
As a commitment to our hearing-impaired audience and to comply with FCC regulations, all GAC programming is closed-captioned. The process to assure that all programming is captioned is an ongoing priority.

Are there employment opportunities at GAC?
GAC is owned by E.W. Scripps. To view job postings for all E.W. Scripps companies, visit our Jobs page.

Where can I find a list of new CD releases and search for concerts?
Check our Country Calendar!

How do I e-mail an artist, join their fan club or find out when they're coming to a city near me on tour?
GAC features a tour search tool that allows you to search by artist or city for upcoming concert dates. GAC does not forward e-mail inquiries to artists. The best way to attempt to reach an artist directly and or join their fan club is to visit the artist's official website.

You still haven't answered my question. What should I do now?
If your question was not addressed, you can send us an email or chat live online with our Customer Services Department. Our Associates are available Monday through Friday, 9a to 5p ET. We will do our very best to answer your television or website questions.

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