Meet "The Next GAC Star" Finalist One Night Rodeo

One Night Rodeo is a finalist in the 2008 Next GAC Star competition. Visit the Next GAC Star page for more information about the competition and show times.

Congratulations to One Night Rodeo, the winners of our first Next GAC Star competition! Now that they've won, we thought you'd like to know a little bit about them.

Meet One Night Rodeo:

13 years of hard work, dedication and persistence in the same band are three qualifications One Night Rodeo believes they make them a solid threat for the Next GAC Star competition. Composed of band members Duane Allison, Mike Elrod, Cory Hildreth and Jack Tamburin, this band loves performing for their hometown crowd in Bradenton, Florida. All four men come from musical families, are in their thirties, have families of their own and wanted to become a famous singers as kids. Their fashion style of "contemporary and a little country" are almost the perfect words to describe their musical influences: Rascal Flatts and Prince.

Name: One Night Rodeo (Duane Allison, Mike Elrod, Cory Hildreth, Jack Tamburin)

Hometown/Home State: Bradenton-Sarasota, Fl.

Born: (Duane May, 7, 1975) (Mike Aug. 11, 1966) (Cory June 10, 1971) (Jack Feb. 2, 1970)

Duane - Owner of an irrigation busines
Mike - Contractor/truck driver
Cory - Owner of flooring business
Jack - Mailman

Single or Married:
Duane - married
Mike - single
Cory - married
Jack - married

Duane - one
Mike - five
Cory - four
Jack - two

Musical style:
Duane - relentless, driving, robotic, polished, consistent
Mike - solid, dynamic, harmonious, driving, melodic
Cory - unforgettable, fresh, energetic
Jack - energetic, enthusiastic, heartfelt, commanding, powerful

Musical instruments:
Duane - drums, bass, guitar
Mike - drums
Cory - piano, guitar
Jack - guitar

Favorite artists:
Duane - Rascal Flatts, Dierks Bentley, Big & Rich
Mike - Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts
Cory - Craig Morgan, Jake Owen, Taylor Swift
Jack - Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Warren Brothers

Favorite songs to perform:
Duane - "Devil Went Down To Georgia", "Gone", "Rollin'"
Mike - "Hillbilly Shoes", "Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me", "All In"
Cory - ""International Harvester", "Life Is A Highway", "Touch Me"
Jack - "Touch Me", "Winner At A Losing Game", "All Night Long"

Favorite songs to listen to:
Duane - "Rollin'"
Mike - "Relentless", "I Still Miss You", "Stupid Boy"
Cory - "Boy Named Sue", "You're Gonna Miss This", "International Harvester"
Jack - "Surviving Emily", "Bluesman", "Me And My Gang"

First public performance:
Duane - Age 6 at the Moose Lodge
Mike - Age 11 piano recital
Cory - Age 7 singing at a men's correctional institute
Jack - Age 17 at the Bradenton Pub

I first knew I wanted to be a singer?
Duane - "At a very young age."
Mike - "Just before High School, I took piano and guitar lessons. Also played trombone, but nothing excited me more than the drums."
Cory - "When I was 3 years old at church. I couldn't read but I could sing!"
Jack - "I grew up watching my Dad perform and just always knew that's what I wanted to do."

Dream singing partner:
Duane - Carrie Underwood
Mike - Carrie Underwood
Cory - Patty Loveless
Jack - hmmmm?

One Night Rodeo is a finalist in the 2008 Next GAC Star competition. Visit the Next GAC Star page for more information about the competition and show times.

Wants to improve:
Duane - stage presence
Mike - connecting with the audience from behind the drums
Cory - stage presence at a club and it's dead
Jack - always want to improve on the guitar and stage presence

Greatest strength:
Duane - my vocals
Mike - ability to adjust and improvise
Cory - I can sing just about anything
Jack - my songwriting

Competitive edge:
Duane - Our band, we have our own sound.
Mike - The freshness of a band. Country is saturated with solo artists, but bands are rare.
Cory - We have the total package.
Jack - Songwriting and vocals.

Ultimate goal:
Duane - Be a top selling band.
Mike - Record and perform great songs for the masses.
Cory - Become the next great band.
Jack - To be able to make a good living doing what I love and move people with music.

Inspired by:
Duane - Style and a signature sound.
Mike - All music is inspired by emotion.
Cory - The joy of being on stage.
Jack - The way I'm feeling or sometimes just listening and soaking in different music.

What one thing about you would surprise GAC viewers?
Duane - That I am a computer geek.
Mike - I was a travel agent in my early 20's.
Cory - That I'm a business owner.
Jack - That I'm a mailman, people tell me all the time "you don't look like a mailman."

What do you do for fun?
Duane - Build and race swampbuggies.
Mike - Watch sports.
Cory - Golf, golf, golf.
Jack - Play with my kids, go to ball games (Bucs or Rays), and fish a lot.

What makes you laugh?
Duane - A good joke or something out of the ordinary.
Mike - Real life bloopers, remembering embarassing moments, changing the words to songs.
Cory - My children.
Jack - My kids and Dane Cook.

Greatest triumph of your life:
Duane - Being a great father and husband.
Mike - Getting my college degree and attending the Berklee College of Music.
Cory - Starting and running my own business.
Jack - Having my children.

What makes you cry?
Duane - Anytime I see those close to me hurting.
Mike - Heartbreaks. Loss of a loved one or pet.
Cory - Sappy, sappy stuff...
Jack - Loss of a loved one.

What's the greatest personal hurdle you've overcome in life?
Duane - When my wife had a brain tumor and underwent chemo. I had to step up and take care of everything when she normally did it all.
Mike - Getting through my divorce.
Cory - Working a great band for 12 years and not being recognized for the accomplishments we have had.
Jack -

Favorite TV show:
Duane - Mythbusters
Mike - How It's Made
Cory - Deadliest Catch
Jack - Entourage

Favorite movie:
Duane - Forrest Gump
Mike - Braveheart
Cory - My Blue Heaven
Jack - Interview With A Vampire

Favorite book:
Duane -
Mike - The Secret
Cory -
Jack -

Favorite author:
Duane -
Mike - Mitch Albom
Cory -
Jack -

One Night Rodeo is a finalist in the 2008 Next GAC Star competition. Visit the Next GAC Star page for more information about the competition and show times.

Favorite actor:
Duane - Will Farrell
Mike - Mel Gibson
Cory - Jackie Gleason
Jack - Will Farrell

Favorite actress:
Duane - Drew Barrymore
Mike - Jessica Alba
Cory - Elizabeth Hurley
Jack - Scarlett Johansen

Favorite music website:
Duane -
Mike -
Cory -
Jack -

Favorite music magazine:
Duane - Country Weekly
Mike - Modern Drummer
Cory -
Jack - Guitar World

Favorite hobby:
Duane - Racing Swampbuggies
Mike - Working out
Cory - Golf
Jack - Playing guitar

Favorite food:
Duane - Steak and mashed potatoes
Mike - Thai
Cory - Sushi
Jack - Sushi

Country music crush:
Duane - Shania Twain
Mike - Sara Evans
Cory - Patty Loveless
Jack - hmmmm?

Person with whom you'd most like to have a meaningful conversation:
Duane - Merle Haggard
Mike - My Father who passed away
Cory - Elvis or Johnny Cash
Jack - Brent Mason

What would you discuss with that person?
Duane - His experiences and his music.
Mike - What would his advice and direction be for my life.
Cory - Their stage presence.
Jack - Recording and guitar playing.

Last book you read:
Duane - I can't remember.
Mike - The Secret
Cory - Golf Digest ( I know it's a magazine!)
Jack -

Dream vacation:
Duane - Alaska
Mike - Egypt or Greece
Cory - Italy
Jack - A week in Vegas with plenty of cash!

Key to happiness:
Duane - Being successful
Mike - A clear conscience
Cory - A happy home
Jack - Don't sweat the small stuff

Biggest misconception about you:
Duane - That I am mean.
Mike - That I am unapproachable.
Cory - That I'm hard to talk to.
Jack - Hopefully none, what you see is what you get.

Most embarrassing moment:
Duane - Realizing I dedicated a song to a couple that wasn't actually married to each other and announced it.
Mike - Walking across stage and tripping on microphone cords.
Cory - Falling of the drums at Kelly's Saloon.
Jack - Collapsing a drum set at a gig.

What do you value most in your friends?
Duane - Loyalty, truth, honesty and committment
Mike - To be honest and genuine
Cory - Honesty
Jack - Honesty and loyalty

Why do you want to win the title, "The Next GAC Star"?
Duane - I feel like we have paid our dues and we are so ready for it. It has been a long time coming for us.
Mike - It has always been my dream to have a successful music career. Being the Next GAC Star would be a partial fulfillment of that dream.
Cory - We have put in our dues and have never been more ready.
Jack - We would like to have a chance at the next step.