Farm Kings

Episode GCFRM-106H

We're All Family

The King Brothers subscribe to the locavore lifestyle – a movement that urges customers to buy and eat only what is grown locally. Freedom Farms' customers trust the Kings not only to grow their food, but to know their food as well, so when Elizabeth notices that some of their employees may not be on top of their grocery game, she needs to tell Joe that it’s time for some serious farm education so they can best serve Freedom Farms’ customers. Sometimes, though, your customers force you in a direction you may not want, as Joe realizes his plan to shorten market hours this year has not proven profitable – bottom line, you can’t survive without sales and the support of your community. But as important as community is, nothing is more important than family – all the way down to the youngest King, Ben, who despite having Down syndrome still helps out in all aspects of the farm. Lisa decides that the family should host a car wash honoring Ben to raise awareness of what people with Down syndrome can accomplish – and some much needed cash for the Special Olympics.