Suzanne Alexander's Top 10 Favorite Holiday Songs


Suzanne Alexander

Tis the Season to sing holiday tunes! We asked GAC Nights and On The Streets host Suzanne Alexander to pick her Top 10 favorite holiday songs...and here they are!

1. Dolly Parton--"Hard Candy Christmas"

I love sad songs about heartbreak. When I was on-air, doing radio back in New York, everyone would ask for Christmas day off. I would ask to work, just so I could spend Christmas morning playing my favorites. This one I'd sneak in a few times within the show. I think the listeners "got" that I dug this one! Boy, what a way to bring down everyone on Christmas, huh?

2. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton--"A Christmas To Remember"

This is one found on the Dolly and Kenny CD called Once Upon A Christmas. Hands down, it is my favorite CD to listen to! Which leads me to the third song on the list...

3. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton--"Christmas Without You"

Once again, this falls under the "sad song" category--but this one is upbeat and it's all about love. How horrible to not spend Christmas with the ones you love!

4. Nat King Cole--"The Christmas Song"

This song has been done by everyone, but it's Nat King Cole's version that I love. It's classic, and reminds me of listening to Christmas music at my neighbor's house when I was a kid. They had a great collection of Christmas music--Perry Como to Bing Crosby.

5. Burl Ives--"Silver And Gold"

This is the best of all memories. I couldn't wait for Rudolph to come on TV! Listening to Cornelius sing this one while battling off the Bumble...who of course turned out to be very talented at putting the star on the top of tree (yea, I love Christmas).

6. Burl Ives--"A Holly Jolly Christmas"

Same reasons as the above song--just great memories.

7. Wynonna and Kenny Rogers--"Mary Did You Know"

This is such a beautiful song. It brings home the meaning of what Christmas truly is about. If you really allow yourself to listen to the song--each word without interruption--it can bring you tears. I was able to see the writer, Mark Lowry perform this live. What a song!

8. Reba--"Christmas Guest"

I love Reba's accent. I'm a fan of everything she does--and with this song she tells a story. I like to play this one really loud when everyone's around the table and make them listen to it, to understand the meaning of Christmas. I'm a big hit at parties! Ha!

9. Alabama--"Tennessee Christmas"

Loving country music and the beautiful state of Tennessee, I would always daydream about moving to Tennessee, and how this would one day really be my song.

10. Any artist's version--"Blue Christmas"

Of course it's Elvis' version that everyone knows. As a kid I would play this song over the phone for my Aunt when she wasn't coming to our house for Christmas. I would try and guilt her into coming. I'm happy to say that for the first time ever, she will visit me this Christmas in Tennessee!