Meet "The Next GAC Star" Finalist Lane Turner

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Lane Turner is a finalist in the 2008 Next GAC Star competition. Visit the Next GAC Star page for more information about the competition and show times.

Wants to improve: I'd like to be a better guitar player and play more instruments.

Greatest strength: I know who I am and what I do well.

Competitive edge: I've been playing sports my whole life and I am very competitive. Believe me, I want to win this more than anybody, but ultimately it just comes down to being yourself, being true to your artistry and standing strong behind it.

Ultimate goal: I have a lot of markers that I'd like to achieve, such as becoming an Opry member, but really my ultimate goal is to have a long, successful career in this business. I'd love to still be playing shows when I'm into my 90s.

Inspired by: The beauty and sadness of everyday life.

What one thing about you would surprise GAC viewers? I was an All-American decathlete at Texas Tech.

What do you do for fun? What downtime? If I have any spare time from remodeling our house, I love to go camping/hiking.

What makes you laugh? Just about everything because I'm such an easy laugh, but lately it's been my son. He cracks me up!

Greatest triumph of your life: I've been truly blessed to have been able to do so many cool things so far in my life. I know there are more peaks to come — and I know this may sound corny — but being married to my amazing wife and raising our beautiful boy is just about the best thing I've ever experienced. Every day is an amazing journey and I love it. I'm not trying to be sappy, just honest. No matter what happens in my life professionally, I know that I've won already.

What makes you cry? Turning on the TV and hearing about a child being hurt.

What's the greatest personal hurdle you've overcome in life? Self confidence and procrastination.

Favorite TV show: Seinfeld

Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite book: Lonesome Dove

Favorite author: James Patterson

Favorite actor: Morgan Freeman

Favorite actress: Diane Lane

Favorite music website:

Favorite music magazine: Country Weekly

Favorite hobby: Camping

Favorite food: Mexican (enchiladas)

Country music crush: Crystal Gayle