Some Kind of Trouble for Tanya Tucker


Tanya Tucker performs on the Greased Lightning® Daytime Stages at Riverfront Park in Downtown Nashville during the 2006 CMA Music Festival. Photo Provided by the Country Music Association.

August 3, 2007 — Tanya Tucker's former fiance Jerry Laseter was arrested Saturday on charges of felony theft. Laseter, father of their daughter Layla LaCosta, was accused of stealing $500,000 worth of Tanya Tucker's wardrobe and jewelry. According to the report, Laseter was driving a U-Haul truck in a caravan from Nashville to Las Vegas when he broke off from the group, which included Tanya, in Albuquerque and "continued on solo." Laseter then allegedly contacted Tanya via text message and demanded money for gasoline, adding that if he did not get it, he would start selling stuff out of the truck.

Tanya reportedly agreed to give Laseter a thousand dollars and two tickets back to Nashville. Laseter reportedly took the truck to a hotel and left the keys with a bellman. When the truck was opened the following morning, there was nothing inside except a note that read, "When you are trying to get someone over a barrel, make sure you got a strong barrel" and was punctuated with an expletive. Laseter and his co-conspirator, Chrislynn Jones, were released on three thousand dollars bail and the wardrobe and jewelry were recovered and returned to Tanya.