The Meaning Behind Phil Vassar's New Single

May 5, 2006 — After playing a show recently, a critic wrote about Phil Vassar's new song, "Last Day Of My Life," that he enjoyed what the words of the song had to say but was having a hard time determining if it was a "life lesson" song or a "make out" song. So X Radio went to the source to find out. "It's both," laughs Phil. "You know, you gotta have a... it's a lesson before you make out. No, I think what it is, you know, is for me personally...I lost a buddy. I lost a friend of mine, and you know when life is over, it's over man. And you just kinda go, 'Whoa, wait a minute. I need to re-think this thing.' So you put it on such a personal level, for me personally about my family, you know, your relationship with the person you love and you think, 'Man, what am I doing? I work all the time doing all this stuff that maybe is just trivial and maybe I need to spend more time with you.' So that's what it is. It is a love song."