Brooks & Dunn Picky About Opening Acts

June 2, 2006--Brooks & Dunn latest "Long Haul" tour features openers Sugarland and Jack Ingram. The duo doesn't choose their opening acts lightly. They think long and hard before picking opening acts for each concert tour. As Kix Brooks explains to X Radio, it's all about the performance. "It's not just based on marquee value. It's gotta be people that can really do it. You know, people that have cut their teeth that do know how to perform. Sugarland and Jack Ingram are case in point. They've got a lot of shows under their belt, they're really good at what they do, and they are great performers. When people come [to the show], we don't want them thinking, 'These guys are gonna be great, we love that song on the radio,' and leave thinking, 'Well, they weren't that good.' We want everything about this show from opening act 'til the lights go down to be first class."

Apparently, Brooks & Dunn know what they're doing. Over the years, their opening acts have included Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban.