Country Hunks In Playgirl

June 5, 2006--In the July issue of Playgirl magazine, you'll find country stars Jason Aldean, Chris Cagle, Trent Tomlinson, and Jimmy Wayne. But these guys aren't going "full monty"--they're revealing their private lives instead. Jason Aldean tells X Radio how he broke the news that he'd be appearing in Playgirl to his wife, Jessica. "Going home and telling your wife that you're gonna be in a spread in Playgirl is not fun," says Jason. "She looked at me funny and I was like, 'I'm not gonna be in there naked. This ain't gonna be a Keith Urban spread here. I'm gonna be clothed and it's gonna be all on the up-and-up.' She's a lot better with it [now]. It was just the initial shock of me telling her that. I wish I'd had a picture of that look that I got. It was pretty interesting."