Carrie Underwood's Father Avoids Spotlight


Carrie Underwood photo courtesy of Arista Nashville

July 19, 2006--Carrie Underwood's fans know she's close to her mother, and that her latest song--"Don’t Forget To Remember Me"--is their favorite. Her mom is even in the song's video. But what about dad? Carrie tells X Radio her dad has absolutely no desire to be in the limelight and is definitely a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. "My dad is a very quiet person," she says. "He doesn’t like public things. He always refused to be on TV for anything. He never came to any of the Idol shows. Not that he didn’t want to be there, or he didn’t love me, it’s just that’s not him. I wasn’t mad at all for him not coming, because I know him. He’s not an affectionate person; he’s just your typical, southern, stern, quiet farm boy."