Jeff Bates Recovers Stolen Guitar


Jeff Bates Photo Courtesy of RCA Records Label

August 15, 2006--On July 7, one of Jeff Bates’ prized possessions--the Takamine guitar used in the "One Second Chance" video--was stolen from his garage. "I was devastated," says Jeff. Thankfully, he knows some pretty influential people and during a phone call on Tuesday, August 8 with longtime friend, Detective Rick Mavity, Jeff mentioned the theft. After getting the police report case number, Det. Mavity was on the case and found the missing guitar in a pawn shop not five hours later.

Here’s where the story takes a twist. Detective Mavity was the officer that arrested Jeff over five years ago for stealing and pawning a guitar, "Old Magic," from his friend and now-producer Kenny Beard. Jeff had committed the crime to support his one-time meth addiction. Det. Mavity played a crucial role into getting Jeff into rehab. The two became friends after Jeff’s recovery when Det. Mavity came to one of Jeff’s concerts at Nashville's Wildhorse Saloon and expressed how proud he was of Jeff’s turn-around.