Kellie Pickler Adjusts to Spotlight


Kellie Pickler photo courtesy of BNA Records

February 2, 2007 — Kellie Pickler recently spent the morning reading to nearly 300 students at Pennington Elementary School in Donelson, Tenn. After reading Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree and answering questions, she gave in to popular demand and sang a chorus of her hit "Red High Heels."

The Tennessean reports that several TV cameras followed her every move, a scenario that's becoming increasingly familiar. For instance, a recent club outing at which Kellie let her hair down a bit was widely reported.

"It does kind of bother me," Kellie said of the media spotlight. "Because things can be so fabricated, and something that is complete innocence can be created into something it's not. Things can be taken out of context — that whole 'he said, she said,' thing. You just can't believe everything you read in tabloids or see on TV. I wouldn't want anybody to think of me badly, because I have little kids that look up to me, and I wouldn't want them to think any other way."

Still, Kellie said she's not going to change her lifestyle. "As long as I'm not doing anything I shouldn't be doing, I don't have anything to worry about," she said.