Kellie Pickler Meets Her American Idol


BNA recording artist and American Idol finalist Kellie Pickler is overjoyed during a surprise meeting with her idol, Dolly Parton
Photo by Tony Phipps, courtesy of BNA Records

February 27, 2007 — Kellie Pickler was asked to come to her record label's office yesterday morning for a "meeting" with label president Joe Galante. Kellie had been sitting in Joe's office for just a few minutes when her musical idol, Dolly Parton, walked in the room to meet her.

Just minutes after the meeting with Dolly, an admittedly starstruck Kellie talked to Dial-Global about the special moment. "I just met Dolly!" she exclaimed. "I was sitting in Joe's office and this little blond pops in?Dolly! It was just amazing. I don't even hardly remember, 'cause I was on cloud nine. It was the first time I was speechless. I was at a loss for words. It was so cool 'cause she had red high heels on and I almost didn't wear mine today. I would've hated myself."

Kellie and Dolly posed for pictures together with their red heels. "It was great and she had this little red bag to match her heels and I did too," said Kellie. "I really studied her work and I just admire her as a person, as a songwriter, as a performer. Her whole career I've just admired her and to be able to meet her and her be exactly the way that you would want her to be, it's just so refreshing."

Kellie went on to say that Dolly was "just so freaking adorable, she's like a little my-size Barbie."