Joe Nichols Sings at Anna Nicole Smith's Funeral


Joe Nichols photo courtesy of Universal Records South.

March 1, 2007 — "Entertainment Tonight" reports that Joe Nichols will be performing at Anna Nicole Smith's funeral in the Bahamas Friday, March 2. Joe will perform "I'll Wait For You" and "On The Wings of a Dove" at the request of Smith's lawyer and companion, Howard K. Stern.

Joe's connection with Anna involves the Grand Ole Opry. "I met Anna Nicole at the Opry in 2005 when she came backstage following the show," Joe tells "ET." "I remember she had a dynamic personality, and her love of traditional country music was evident."

Joe says performing at Smith's funeral is an honor. "It's been an emotional time for the family with the recent death of her son, followed by her own sudden death," he says. "I hope to bring some comfort through music to the people who were closest to her during this sad time."