John Mellencamp Praises Little Big Town


John Mellencamp photo courtesy of UMG


Little Big Town photo courtesy of Equity Music Group

March 16, 2007 — John Mellencamp, who showed up to sing with Little Big Town at their recent CRS show, counts himself as their No. 1 fan. The group sang on many of the tracks on his new album Freedom's Road.

"I knew those kids could sing, and I knew I didn't want them to just do the things they'd done on their record," John told The Tennessean. "I wanted to challenge them the same way I challenge the musicians. I knew [guitarist] Andy York was a fantastic vocal arranger, and with Andy's help they sang things they'd never sung before.

"If it didn't say 'Little Big Town' in the liner notes, you wouldn't know it was Little Big Town," he continued. "I think it's fantastic. In your personal life, when you achieve something you didn't know you could do, that's victory right there. That's success."