Kellie Pickler's Wardrobe Malfunction


Kellie Pickler photo courtesy of BNA Records

June 13, 2007 — Fashion comes at a price, as self-admitted shoe fanatic Kellie Pickler found out on stage this weekend while performing with Brad Paisley's Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour.

Just as she began singing "Red High Heels," Kellie realized her own red high heels had punched through the carpet and were jammed in the grates on the catwalk. "I was trying to be sly at first and was wiggling my feet, but nothing--and then I started pulling harder and harder but they wouldn't budge," she said. "So when I sang the line 'I've been sittin' around,' well, I sat down on the stage.

"So I've got the microphone in one hand and the other hand I'm pulling on my heel. I was able to get one shoe out, but all the people sitting near the stage can see what's happened and they are laughing at me and I'm laughing at me. Suddenly, one of Brad's crew guys came from out of nowhere and snatched me up and my other shoe popped out."

Kellie said she started laughing so hard she barely made it through the song. "Then the next night when I walked out on stage and got to the place where I had gotten stuck, someone had taped a body outline of me on the stage, and I lost it again," she laughed.

With a break in the tour, Kellie has some time to find herself shoes with a wider heel. Tonight, she will sing the National Anthem at the Chicago Cubs game. "I Wonder," the song she wrote to her mother, continues to climb the charts, and the video spends a third week atop GAC’s "Top 20 Country Countdown."