LeAnn Rimes in the Movies


LeAnn Rimes photo courtesy of Curb Records.

July 3, 2007 — Yes, that is LeAnn Rimes' voice you hear singing "Are You Ready for a Miracle" during the closing credits of the new film, Evan Almighty. No stranger to the big screen, LeAnn tells Dial-Global she's actually getting ready to lend her acting talents to another upcoming movie project pretty soon.

"I'm gonna be working on a film called Good Intentions that's gonna be shooting right outside of Atlanta next month," she says. "I have a small part. A very good friend of mine, Elaine Hendricks, is the lead character. It's the first thing I've read in a while that I thought, 'This is really funny,' and it takes five days out of my crazy schedule right now. I'm reading things, definitely, but I want to tell great stories through film as much as I do with my music, and that's a process of reading a lot of things till I find something that really hits home with me."

LeAnn also graces the cover of Shape magazine this month. In the accompanying profile she talks about her diet. "I never deprive myself, and nothing is off-limits, she admits. "But I'm a health nut, too, so I try to keep my diet in check."

The issue includes four pages of photos of LeAnn demonstrating yoga poses. LeAnn, who has been doing yoga for four years, says, "I was so tight it was making me irritable and tense. I knew if I could stick with it, yoga would improve my flexibility and posture in ways my regular strength and cardio routine couldn't. To recover [from a performance], I do a 10-minute mini-practice in my tour bus after every show. All that stretching and deep breathing releases tension, and makes me feel balanced."