No Complaints from Pat Green


Pat Green photo courtesy of BNA Records

July 10, 2007 — Opening for Kenny Chesney is the perfect gig for Pat Green. Kenny's shows focus on fun, sun and summertime — an ideal match for Pat's musical philosophy.

Pat tells Utah's Deseret Morning News that he is definitely enjoying himself these days. With a new album, Cannonball, on BNA Records, he is finally beginning to move into the mainstream country scene after years of more independent, underground success.

Touring with such stars as Kenny, Keith Urban and the Dave Matthews Band comes after years of building a fiercely loyal fan base in his native Texas, where, as a headliner, he has sold out the Houston Astrodome and the Smirnoff Center in Dallas. "What's important to all of us is to see this thing go further," he says. "And the way you do that is keep getting breaks from guys like Kenny and Keith and Dave."

Pat's job is to get the crowd worked up for the night's main attraction, which, he has learned, is not a difficult task. "Kenny's fans are great," he says. "They're just fired up and ready to go. That's all. When you walk onstage you better be going, that's pretty much it."

Eventually, Pat says he'd like to headline a tour of his own. "What I really would love to see out of my life is to get to a point where I'm the headlining act in the arena, I'm doing what Kenny's doing. But the chances of that are one in a million; it's a lightening strike." Until then, however, he's not complaining. "I'll take what I can get, because what I've got is so great."