Billy Currington in Treatment for Anger Issues


Billy Currington photo by Mark Abrahams, courtesy of Mercury Records Nashville

August 9, 2007 — Billy Currington tells People magazine that he's taking the rest of the year off to continue treatment for issues stemming from nearly a dozen years of physical abuse as a child, The Tennessean reports.

In the issue hitting newsstands Friday, Billy says he returned to Nashville on July 26 after completing a 30-day stay at a trauma recovery program at Sierra Tucson in Arizona. He has canceled 83 shows and will leave for Hawaii on Aug. 26 to work with two therapists specializing in childhood trauma.

Billy says his first stepfather, whom Billy wrote about in "Walk a Little Straighter," physically abused him for years, including knocking him unconscious when he was 10.

Billy began showing signs of trauma when he got into fights in grade school. "When you are taught to hate, you carry that with you," he says. "Even today, I call myself 98 percent laid-back, but 2 percent is Little Billy, my inner child that's hurt, sad and furious because he was never taken care of.

"My childhood did not turn me into an alcoholic or a drug addict; my challenge in life is my anger," Billy says. "I'd be Little Billy for two seconds, yelling and blowing up. And in those instances, that rage can destroy relationships, whether it's with a girlfriend or a business partner or a fan."