Brenda Lee Remembers the Beatles


Brenda Lee photo courtesy of

August 24, 2007 — Brenda Lee, who has sold more than 100 million records and is the only woman to be inducted into both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has accumulated a lifetime of memories, which she shared recently with Country Weekly.

One little-known aspect of her career is that the Beatles were once her opening act while she was touring in England. "They were just a little band that started opening shows for me, and I thought they were fabulous," she says. "And every night they would do these different songs and at that point, the British invasion had not come to America. So I thought, 'Where did these songs come from?' So I talked to John and Paul, and they said, 'Well, we wrote all these songs.' I'm thinkin', 'My Lord.'"

Brenda had the Beatles make a demo, which she brought back to her record company. "I brought a picture of them looking like they looked, like Teddy Boys, which was unlike our rockers," she says. "The company said, 'It'll never happen. They'll never make it.' About a year later, they came out with 'I Want to Hold Your Hand,' and the rest is history."