Reba McEntire on Don Henley Duet


Reba McEntire photo by Ron Davis, courtesy of MCA Nashville

August 29, 2007 — Reba McEntire says she's always been a big fan of Don Henley and the Eagles, so she was thrilled to have a chance to sing with Don on her upcoming duets project.

"He was at the top of my wish list, and so I called him and asked him if he would, and he said, 'Yes,' " she tells Dial-Global.

The two agreed to record a new song called "Break Each Other's Hearts Again," and although everything went smoothly in the studio, Reba says the experience was different from Don's usual recording routine.

"When he records, he goes in and the track is already done," she says. "They've worked on that, then he comes in and sings his part. Well, the band's all there, and we're signing together, and he said, 'Oh okay, well, all right, you're going to have to give me a little time! I'm not used to this!' "

Although Don wasn't expecting to be singing together with her live in the studio, Reba says he adapted quickly. "He sang it a couple of times, got right into his 'Don Henley' mode, and man, we were all sitting around with our jaws just dropped," she says. "He's just wonderful — a stylist, a wonderful singer, and great guy. It's history in the making right there, watching Don Henley sing. Not many people get to do that, watch him in the studio, so it was a dream come true."

Reba Duets hits streets Sept. 18. The first single from the project, "Because of You," is currently No. 3 on the country charts.