Billy Currington Completes Therapy


Billy Currington Photo Courtesy of Mercury Nashville

January 28, 2008 — Billy Currington has been out of the public eye for seven months, but after an extensive period of personal therapy, he's ready to record a new album and begin touring again in May.

Just as his career reached a new plateau, Billy scheduled a 30-day treatment last summer for anger management related to childhood abuse. That led to six months more work with a pair of therapists in Hawaii to put deep issue to rest. He concluded the therapy and returned to Nashville last week, according to The Tennessean.

"I look back and I really feel like my life was in an unhealthy place," he says. "I feel fortunate that I was in the right place to be able to take that short break and look at my inner self to begin a journey to fix what I felt was broken. In a short amount of time, I feel better than I ever have."

Billy received thousands of letters from supportive fans during his time off, and he believes that the good vibes he was experiencing in his career, thanks in part to his No. 1 hit "Good Directions," will continue.

"I still saw my career as having many, many miles to go before I reach a peak," he says. "I couldn't have done it any other way."