Marie Osmond Disses Billy Ray Cyrus


Billy Ray Cyrus photo courtesy of Walt Disney Records.

May 9, 2008 — Miley Cyrus’ recent cover photo for "Vanity Fair" generated plenty of heat in the media, with the 15-year-old Disney star apologizing to fans for the partially bare-back portrait that emanated from the session.

Among the dissenters is Marie Osmond, who knows something about teen stardom. She was 13 years old when she recorded her first country hit, "Paper Roses," and was starring in a network TV variety show before the age of 20. Marie was not disappointed in Miley, but she felt her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, was negligent in leaving before the photo shoot was finished.

"My parents never, never left us alone," Marie told AOL Television. "We always had some form of a guardian or something with us, a guardian that would represent what [my parents] would have done."

Billy Ray had to leave for another business appointment after the shoot started. Miley’s grandmother and teacher supposedly remained on the set as Miley continued posing for noted photographer Annie Leibovitz, who’s revered for her work, which includes a nude cover shot of John Lennon that appeared in a 1980s issue of Rolling Stone.

Miley’s "dad stepped out, and that’s when it happened," Marie said. "How do you say no to somebody like Annie when you’re a little girl? It’s an interesting thing that happened with her."

Marie never had such issues, though the ‘70s were a seemingly easier time for celebrities to navigate the media. Plus, she added, Olive Osmond was "the perfect stage mom. She was there for every stage of my life."