Jimmy Buffett on Being a "Parent"-head


Jimmy Buffett photo courtesy of Margaritaville Records.

July 1, 2008 — Jimmy Buffett has a loyal fan base that refers to itself as Parrotheads, but the lead parrot struggles a bit as a parent.

Jimmy and his wife, Jane, have a pair of teenagers at home — 16-year-old Delaney and 14-year-old Cameron — but as you might expect for a guy whose concerts are a travelling vacation show, he’s not particularly skilled at enforcing the rules.

"I’m not a good disciplinarian," he told USA Weekend. "I’m Peter Pan, and Jane runs the show. But I do pay the rent — and everybody’s happy about that."

Pays the rent indeed. Rolling Stone has estimated that in a single year, Jimmy earned a whopping $44 million, and his partnership in a couple of casinos that are under construction are likely to pad his wallet even more.

At age 61, he’s balancing life as a businessman, a family man and a guy who entertains drunken throngs. That part, he admitted, is not as easy as it used to be, but he still doesn’t feel old: "I’m certainly not acting my age!"