Gary Allan Talks About Wife's Suicide


Gary Allan photo courtesy of MCA Nashville.

April 12, 2007 — Gary Allan speaks out on his wife's suicide in an article that will appear in the new issue of People magazine, which hits newsstands tomorrow. This marks the first time he has publicly discussed the tragedy since it happened in October of 2004.

Gary reveals that Angela suffered from depression, but was never properly treated for the condition because it always seemed to start with allergy-related migraines. In the article, he shares in detail the events that led to his wife's death.

He remembers her acting very "out of character" when he returned home from taking their children to a Halloween party. He had tucked the kids in for the night and watched TV until about midnight before going into the bedroom "to be close to her in case she needed something." Angela asked him to check on one of the kids, and he said, "I just put them to bed, everyone's fine." Moments later, she said, "Would you go get me a Coke? I feel like I'm sick." Shortly after he walked to the kitchen, Gary heard a loud pop. "It sounded like she had thrown something," he says. "I had a gun safe underneath the bed and she had taken the pistol, stuck it in her mouth and pulled the trigger. She was on the bed. She was gone."

Gary says immediately after Angela died, he couldn't write and was a mess, but slowly discovered music was his "only real escape," adding, "It became like a therapy." Though he refused at first, Allan eventually took medication for his own depression and says it worked for him. Regarding the children, who attended counseling sessions with Gary, he says, "It's a scar they'll always carry, but I think everyone is going to land on their feet."