Tim & Faith Break Country Tour Records


Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. and Curb Records

September 6, 2007 — The second year of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Soul2Soul tour grossed more than $52 million, taking the two-summer total to more than $141 million, Billboard reports. That's enough to make it the top-grossing country tour ever.

"Our fans have been amazing these past two years," said Tim and Faith in a joint statement. "Together we have shared the best nights of our lives and made some history along the way."

Their production rivaled the greatest rock shows in history, with sound and lights weighing in at over 130,000 pounds. The state of the art stage served as a film screen broadcasting unique video content as Tim and Faith played a mixture of solo hits and duets. Comprised of almost 150 crew, 22 trucks and 14 busses, the tour was truly the biggest country music show ever undertaken. "Our crew and staff were amazing," said the artists. "They delivered this huge production every single night over the past two years without fail."

Tim and Faith drew 1,673,667 fans to 117 shows. Soul2Soul now tops Garth Brooks' 1996-98 tour, which grossed more than $105 million. Until now, Garth's had been country's only $100 million run.

The previous two-year gross record had been Shania Twain in 2003-2004 at about $90 million. Like Shania, Tim and Faith's tour utilized the same extravagant production, title and theme for its entire run, making it one "tour." Soul2Soul grossed more than any other country tour in a two-year period.

Despite the big box-office country is seeing these days, Garth still holds the attendance record for a multi-year run at about 5.5 million.

"Every artist has a different mission; Garth wanted attendance," says Tim's manager Scott Siman of Front Line Management. "Our artists wanted to deliver the greatest possible show to the country fans, and they put the money into the production as never before seen in country music, rivaling the biggest rock productions of our time."

In related news, Faith talked about an incident that happened on the tour in an appearance on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" yesterday. She said Tim was "red and fuming" after a fan grabbed him in the crotch area during the show, and though her first instinct was to ignore the woman, she changed her mind when the woman "gave me this look like there's nothing you can do."

Faith also discussed last year's CMA Awards, when she was caught on camera flailing her arms and yelling, "What?" after Carrie Underwood won Female Vocalist of the Year. "The joke was on me," Faith said. "I was making fun of myself and no one got that. Of course we all know she was going to win. I support her 100 percent."