Montgomery Gentry Looks to Get "Raucous"


Montgomery Gentry Photo Courtesy of Columbia Records

April 24, 2008 - With their current single, "Back When I Knew It All," in the national Top 15, Montgomery Gentry is looking forward to the release of its seventh album June 10.

Given the backward-glancing viewpoint of the title track, it’s appropriate that the duo is going back in time a bit with this album by reintroducing some of the old elements from its music that were softened in recent years.

"We’ve been hearing from a lot of fans," Troy Gentry told Billboard. "They want some more raucous kind of stuff out of us — some of the in-your-face, hard-rock kind of stuff. So we’re going to bring some of the older Montgomery Gentry style back into the music, as far as twin lead guitars and hard-driving kinds of sounds that we had in the past."

The duo is set to appear with Toby Keith this summer on the Biggest & Baddest Tour, and Toby makes a guest appearance on the new CD, performing on "I Pick My Parties." They also welcome Lillie Mae Rische, from new band Jypsi, as a guest on the album’s closing track, "God Knows Who I Am."