Craig Morgan's Shark Tale


Craig Morgan photo courtesy of Broken Bow Records

June 12, 2008 — Craig Morgan took much of last week off for a family vacation in the Florida Keys, and it proved quite eventful. They had a whole island to themselves, and they spent much of their days snorkeling, diving and hanging out on the boat.

They also had reason to strike up the theme music from Jaws.

"My son got chased by a shark," Craig told Dial-Global. "When the tide was out, you could walk on the reef from the island about halfway to the mainland. So he’s walked out through there, and a shark had got upon the reef and was swimmin’ around."

Craig’s son was oblivious to its presence until he realized his sister was yelling, "Shark!" When he saw the fish he stomped in the water, and that got the animal in chase mode.

"The shark took off after him," Craig related, "and he, in a dead run, takes off running across, and the funny thing is my daughter’s taking pictures the whole time. And we have a picture of him, and it looks like he’s runnin’ on top of the water, because he’s on the reef, you know, and this rooster tail behind him from the water. We didn’t notice it until we got home, when we zoomed in. You can see the shark’s fin about eight feet or 12 feet behind him in the water. An amazing picture: He feels like a stud."

Craig came back to Nashville from vacation in just enough time to play four songs at LP Field during the CMA Music Festival. His abbreviated set included his current single, "Love Remembers," plus a closer that’s appropriate for his family’s shark tale: "Redneck Yacht Club."