Jo Dee Messina on Marriage


Jo Dee Messina with her husband, Albuquerque, New Mexico native, Chris Deffenbaugh. Photo courtesy of PFA (Paul Freundlich Associates).

June 20, 2008 — Sunday marks a year since Jo Dee Messina announced her engagement to concert-equipment designer Chris Deffenbaugh. The pair tied the knot in October, and while marriage is a major change for most people, it’s been a minor alteration for them.

"My husband travels with me," she says. "He works out on the road when we’re on the road. He has his own company, so he’s able to come out on the road or work when we’re at home, so it hasn’t changed a whole lot for me. Our relationship is the same as before we were married."

Particularly important in that equation is the fact that Jo Dee and Chris continue to keep each other entertained.

"We still hang out and laugh," she notes. "How many days go by when people don't have one of those big belly laughs? We have ‘em every day, so that's fun."

Jo Dee’s current single, "I’m Done," is in the Top 40 on the Country Aircheck singles chart.